TYPE EDIT Computer Requirements

We can assist you in determining if your computer specifications are able to run TYPE EDIT, please contact us.

If you are in the process to update or completely change your workstation and you are not totally confident it will fit with your Software version or build, just consult your Technical Representative for assistance.




Memory RAM


Video Cards


Screen Resolutions


Operating Systems

Minimum Configuration

Intel Core I5 – 2.4 Ghz+
(or AMD Equivalent)

8 GB (DDR3)

nVidia GTX series
(or AMD Equivalent)

1920 x 1080


Recommended Config.

Intel Core I7 / Xeon – 3.4 Ghz+
(or AMD Equivalent)

16+ GB (DDR3)

nVidia Quadro series
(or AMD Equivalent)

1920 x 1080


Additional information:


  • 1 USB Port needed  for Dongle (other licensing types available)
  • OpenGL 4.0 or higher compatible video card needed.
  • Operating Systems Windows 11 Professional recommended.

Download Requirements

TYPE EDIT may run on systems that do not meet the minimum requirements, however you will likely experience degraded performance. The Technical Support may not be available for these particular systems.

Feel free to check with your TYPE EDIT Support Helpdesk by sending your system specifications or link(s) to product before purchasing a new system or upgrading your software. Email globally to: support@type-edit.com

Since you are using professional software required for your business, we recommend delaying major Operating Systems updates until the software is certified for that update, so to avoid downtime. Check with your TYPE3 Representative if you have any doubt.

Any technical information found in the present page/document as to the material equipment or computer systems required are delivered for the sole purpose of information only, and as product description valid at the time of publication April 2022. In no event and under no circumstances shall Gravotech/Type3 nor computer system manufacturers or providers be liable for any claims, damages or loss arising from any customer, reseller or third party using the TYPE EDIT software product in connection with this information.

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